Orientation Ceremony

Super Nova School’s Orientation Ceremony was held on 15th August 2013 in the School Campus, which marked the advent of numerous remarkable events that followed.
Students, along with their parents were invited to meet the permanent and visiting faculty, along with the Principal and Directors of the school.
The program including our distinguished aims, motto, policies, state of the art facilities and the reputed and sought-after academic approach was presented before the audience in such an impressive manner that it earned a tremendous applause and a positive response from parents and students alike.
This surely reinforced their trust and confidence in their decision of selecting Super Nova School for the academic and personality development of their children.

Welcome Party

A Levels and O-II Welcome Party cum dinner was held on 28th September 2013 at Islamabad Club. The students of A levels displayed their talents in the show organized by them, before the well-arranged delicious dinner. The students amused the audience consisting of the senior faculty members and administrative staff, as well as other students immensely.

Peace Day Activity

World Peace Day was celebrated in the junior section, grades three to grade seven on (date) to inculcate the importance of peace in the minds of our youth.
Grades three, four and five conducted a poster-making activity under the supervision of their teachers, in which they creatively depicted their ideas about maintaining and creating world peace, using colours. Their work is appreciably displayed inside the school building. Grades six and seven were given the chance to display their creative writing skills by writing pieces of poetry and essays in Urdu and English, on the given topic.


Various sports activities have been taking place in the school since the commencement. Lately, proper matches have been scheduled and conducted, including the Football, Table tennis and Volley ball matches.

Council Induction Ceremony

Super Nova’s first Council Induction Ceremony was held in the morning assembly on 23rd October 2013. The names of the council members were announced with their respective designation as they walked up to the stage to receive their badges, arm bands and certificates from the Principal, Sir Shabbir and Sir Altaf Shah. After the solo oath taking pronouncement of the Head boy and Head girl, the complete

council collectively took the oath of allegiance with raised hands, followed by the national anthem.